About Us

Established in the early 1900’s, the Butchers Shop was purchased by the first of the Bennett’s generation Richard (known as “Dick”) Bennett in 1959.

Dick was from a family of butchers who used to farm and rear their own produce in Wymondam, near Melton Mowbray, just over the Lincolnshire boarder. Dick’s mother, used to hand bake the Pork Pie’s using a secret recipe passed down from her mother, Dick’s Grandmother, a tradition that is continued to this day by the fourth generation of Bennett’s.

In addition to the Pork Pie, over the years Bennett’s speciality has been the world famous Lincolnshire sausage. Based on the traditional recipe and methods, using only the finest quality local ingredients, the Bennett’s Lincolnshire sausage is amongst the finest in the county!

Located in the unspoilt, picturesque seaside destination of Sutton-on-Sea, the Butcher’s sits just 200-yards from the sandy (and usually sunny!) seafront. However, it has not been all plain sailing for the shop, and in 1953 it was hit by the devastating east coast floods, when over 5-feet of water poured in from the North Sea causing the town and much of the surrounding area to be evacuated. The flood line still sits prominent on the outer buildings of the shop to this day, although thankfully the secret recipes survived!

With the generations of knowledge and experience that has been passed down, in recent year’s Bennett’s began to produce some equally tasty and popular variations on the classic Lincolnshire sausage including a venison sausage and pork and tomato sausage. We have also tweaked the classic pork pie recipe to make a pork and cranberry or pork pie and Coltson Bassett Blue Stilton pork pie to name just a few.

Today, Bennett’s also produce a wide variety of pies & pastries, all hand-made and prepared daily on site using only the best quality locally reared produce and NO artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

Through years of dedication, enthusiasm and hard work we have developed an excellent reputation and our products are now available in a variety of local high quality establishments and outlets. Our Lincolnshire sausage and pork pies have been sent the length and breadth of Britain and in recent years even as far away as Australia and America!

At Bennett’s we are passionate about food, and we recognise our customers are too. A family business from the outset, Bennett’s remains committed to its principles and ensures it always puts its customers first.