Bennetts Lincolnshire Sausages

Bennett's Home-made Lincolnshire SausageHome-made Lincolnshire Sausages – “Our Speciality!”

The world famous Lincolsnhire Sausage has long been our speciality, and are a real top seller. All our Sausages are made using locally reared (British Farm Assured) pigs. Our Sausages contain prime pork shoulder and belly pork with natural skins and seasonings. We are proud in the knowledge that our Sausages do NOT contain any artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings and the product we sell is 100% natural. Our Sausages are handmade daily on site using traditional methods and techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Bennett's Home-made Lincolnshire Sausage

Home-made Lincolnshire Sausages – “Our Speciality!”


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Lincolnshire Chipolatas, Lincolnshire Cocktail Sausages, Lincolnshire Sausage “Pigs in Blankets”, and individual packets of Lincolnshire Sausage Meat, all using the same unique Lincolnshire Sausage recipe.
We also use the Lincolnshire Sausage meat in many of our cooked products including our cooked Haslet, Sausage Roll’s and Lincolnshire Sausage Pie all prepared freshly every day on site.

A skill passed down through generations

Home-made Lincolnshire SausageLincolnshire Sausage Pigs in Blankets


Although the traditional Lincolnshire Sausage is our speciality, we also produce a variety of other equally tasty alternatives including a plain pork sausage, pork and tomato sausage, a venison sausage, a pork and stilton sausage, and gluten-free sausages.

Lincolnshire Sausage Pigs in Blankets

We currently have a variety of special offers on our sausages when purchasing 5lb or 10lbs.

Did you know? In the peak of summer or around the busy Christmas period we can produce up to 300lb of Sausages in one day – that’s almost 2,500 bangers!