bennetts fresh meat

Finest local Beef – hung for 3 weeksAt Bennetts Butchers, we pride ourselves on only selling the highest quality produce. All Bennetts Butchers fresh meat is locally reared (British Farm Assured), guaranteed additive and chemical free to produce only the best natural flavours. All meat is fresh, not frozen, and prepared when ordered by our highly skilled butchers.

Finest local Beef – hung for 3 weeks

Through years of experience and knowledge passed on through generations, Bennetts Butchers are 100% confident that the meat we purchase from our local trusted suppliers, and the methods we use to prepare the meat we buy, will ensure you receive only the finest quality product. For example, our Beef is hung for a minimum of three weeks, which we have learnt is the optimum time to ensure maximum flavour and tenderness.

Bennetts Butchers have fresh meat delivered daily, which we butcher entirely on site to ensure it is handled and prepared in the way we know its best.

Bennetts Butchers have whole or half Lambs, Pigs, Beef and Poultry available all cut to your requirements and specification ideal for freezing.

Bennetts Butchers also have a variety of game available in season.

Cut to your requirements