bennetts butchers cooked meat

Ham on the BoneWe take pride in assuring our customers that all our cooked meats, pies and pasties are prepared freshly each day on site using only the finest produce and are totally preservative, colouring and flavouring free.

Bennetts Butchers have a wide variety of freshly cooked meat for slicing, all the finest local produce ensuring the best quality taste. We supply traditional Roast Beef, Roast Pork, Roast Turkey Breast and Ham on the Bone. All meats are cooked to perfection on the day and can be sliced to your preference, ideal for sandwiches and salads.

Ham on the Bone

Cooked Meats from Bennetts Butchers in Lincolnshire

We are unique in the fact that we still produce some old fashion traditional classics with recipes and secrets passed down through the generations on products that are now not widely available. Some of our old favourite’s we still produce include our classic Lincolnshire Haslet, Brawn, Beef Spread, Hocks of ham, Faggots and our famous Lincolnshire Stuffed Chine.

Cooked Meats from Bennetts Butchers in Lincolnshire Bennetts Butchers make a large selection of pies every day of every sort including; steak, steak & kidney, steak & mushroom in red wine, turkey, chicken, game pies and venison pies (when in season), cornish pasties, beef and onion pasties, sausage rolls and quiche all available in a variety of sizes.

At Bennett’s, we recognised the quality of every ingredient is crucial. We have developed great knowledge of the meat we purchase and only deal with the best and most trusted suppliers to ensure we can offer the finest quality products to our customers. We only use the best fresh meat as the starting point for all our cooked products.